A little bit about Nick

Nick Staff Member

Name: Nick

Disciplines: Ski, Snowboard, Ice Climbing

Position: Instructor

Nick has worked with us at Snow Factor on and off for the best part of a decade.

Apart from being a Ski and Snowboard Instructor he is also an Ice Wall Instructor AND drives our Kat. Basically, if it’s to do with snow or ice, Nick’s your man.

Having started skiing at the top of Glencoe as a child with the instruction “just point down, you’ll get the hang of it”, followed by “watch out for rocks!”. Having completed several qualifications and worked across the globe, Nick likes to adopt a more structured and patient approach to teaching than he had when he was starting out.

He might look rugged but he has a huge amount of patience regardless of whether he’s teaching a 5 year old to ski or a 55 year old to ice climb.

Qualifications & Experience

  • BASI Level 2 Ski Instructor
  • BASI Level 2 Snowboard Instructor
  • Ice Wall Climbing Instructor
  • Kat Driver (the machine that grooms the piste)
  • 10 years teaching experience
  • 21 years skiing, 13 years snowboarding

What Nick’s student’s said about his lessons on Trip Advisor:

“Booked a refresher lesson as I have not snowboarded in a while and am going on holiday. Nick was great, he took us through the basics again and quickly progressed to turns and answered all our questions. He even stayed a bit longer so we could practise a few extra skills with him. Managed to hit the box by the end of the session!”

“Had a great lesson with Nick after a long break from snowboarding, can’t wait to get back for the follow up lesson.”

Favourite Resort

Sun Peaks in Canada is great. Having worked there for 3 years shaping the slopes, I feel like I know the resort like the back of my hand. That combined with massive powder days make it one of my favourite resorts to play in.

Having said that, skiing in Italy is fun, the beer’s cheap, the pizza’s great and the runs are covered in snow, what’s not to like??