A little bit about Esme

Esme Staff Member

Name: Esme

Disciplines: Ski, Snowboard

Position: Instructor

Esme is one of our most bubbly instructors. Full of fun and brilliant with kids and adults alike she has been with Snow Factor for the past 4 years and has taught hundreds of people to ski and snowboard. You’ll recognise her from her brightly coloured helmet, or hair!

Don’t let her relaxed personality fool you though, she is a multi-disciplined, highly qualified instructor with a brilliant track record of coaching people through their first steps into the sport and beyond. Whether it’s taking children through the skills levels or adults through their initial lessons, her supportive nature and patience are second to none.

She became a ski and snowboard instructor because she loves snowsport so much. Her favourite things are snowy days and the amazing feeling you get on long shreds down the mountain.

What Esme’s student’s said about her lessons on Trip Advisor:

“I took my son Connor for a taster session in snowboarding before committing to a block of lessons. Esme was the instructor and quite frankly, phenomenal! Connor had an absolute blast during the lesson, and I was surprised at just how much Esme him even though it was only a taster. Going to book him in for a block, really hope Esme will be the instructor. Fantastic job!”

“This was my first ever attempt at skiing and I loved every minute of it. Esme was fun and relaxed and really talked through each part which helped me to understand exactly what I needed to do to improve and what I was doing well. I expected to be falling all the time and to really struggle with the balance but with Esme’s guidance I didn’t fall at all and felt I grasped the basics quite well.”

Favourite Piece of Equipment

My favourite piece of equipment is my Burton ft. STARWARS™️ snowboard. It’s my favourite because 1. It was a gift. 2. It’s STARRRWAAAARRRS™️

Favourite Resort

My favourite resort is Avoriaz, because I’ve been there so often since I was little. They have the coolest woodland park, all the features are made out of tree’s, there are little huts built up in the trees you can sit outside of! So cool.