A little bit about Denise

Denise Staff Member

Name: Denise

Disciplines: Snowboard

Position: Instructor

I took my very first snowboard lesson at Snow Factor a quite some time ago now and was instantly hooked. I became a regular customer and always felt so encouraged by the staff so I then went on to complete my Snowboard Instructor exams at Cairngorms and have never looked back.

I love teaching little ones to snowboard as you get so much back from them. Having worked in a school as a Learning Assistant, it’s great to take the skills I have and transfer them from one to the other.

Qualifications and Experience

  • BASI Level 1 Snowboard Instructor

What Denise’s students said about her lesson’s on Trip Advisor:

“I had a snowboard refresher session with Denise and I have to say she was fantastic!!! I had very little confidence in my boarding, and it had been a while but she eased me in gently, took it at my pace and even tried to support me learn a few cool moves!! A fabulous experience that I would absolutely recommend!”

“My 9 year old son has just started snowboarding & had his block of 3 lessons with Denise. She was a great instructor but also very good with children. Took her time & knew when to push or support them. Thanks 👍”

Favourite Piece of Equipment

My GNU Zoid snowboard in a 149 it’s battered and old but very much loved.

Favourite Resort

Glencoe, Scotland. Its such a beautiful place, the drive through the valley on the way is absolutely breathtaking. The resort has so much character and variety, no matter the weather I always have fun.