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Snowboard in a Day

Snowboard in a Day

Our Learn In A Day course is the quickest way to get slope ready. Perhaps you’ve got a snowboard holiday booked and want the knowledge and skills to make the most of your time abroad, or maybe you simply want to learn a new skill quickly so you can enjoy the thrills of hitting the slopes whenever you want.

Whatever your reasons for learning, we are here to help you get there and our expert instructors will guide you through the skills you need to start your snowboarding adventure.



Adults & Teens


  • 8 hour lesson|

  • From £99 PP

Over the course of the day we will aim to cover:

  • How to use and set up your equipment
  • Practice balancing whilst sliding
  • Learn to control the speed and direction of your board
  • Learn to control your speed and directional control then move onto completing one turn and then linking turns together
  • You will progress to being introduced to riding the Poma lift to half way and practice linking your turns from halfway on the main slope
  • Once you have completed your Snowboard in a Day lesson we aim for you to be ready to progress to skills 5, snowboarding from the top of the main slope

Please note: Our instructors will cover as much as possible however the amount of skills covered in your lesson will depend on individual abilities in the group.  


All instruction provided by Snow Factor Training LTD.

13-15 years £99
16 years + £129

CALL US: 0141 885 7000 to book now

Snowboard Single Lessons

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Snowsports Taster Sessions

If you’ve ever wanted to try snowsports but unsure if you would enjoy skiing or snowboarding (or either!), our Taster Session is for you. This £30 session will give you the opportunity to try both disciplines in one Taster before committing to lessons.   COMING BACK SOON!


Snowboard Refresher

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