One hour instruction + lift pass

“I had a fantastic refresher snowboarding lesson with Marc Gladis. Would highly recommend him, he is an amazing teacher!! Was definitely worth the £30!”  ~ Daniel P, TripAdvisor Oct 15

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If it has been a while, or you are heading to the outdoor resorts this winter, get the most out of the season by booking a Refresher.


What is included  Perfect for…  *Teens & Adults Only (13yrs+)  Price
One hour instruction + lift pass to consolidate your skills. If you have not been on your skis or snowboard for a while and need to boost your confidence.  If you are planning to visit outdoor resorts in the UK or abroad. £39pp

Did you know 83% of people only visit a resort once! say the New York Times.  Steep slopes, intimidating runs, rocky / icy terrain all impede the fun for people who lack confidence at the resorts.

While we can’t guarantee that the conditions at the resorts will be as perfect as here at Snow Factor, we can help you prepare for the common impediments to your fun at the resorts.

The biggest factor in improving your enjoyment and safety is lessons.  We can quickly improve your technique and give you some immediate pointers to improve your time on the slopes.

If its been a while since you last had a lesson, and you may be a bit nervous of what to expect, come along to Snow Factor for a relaxing, informal and fun refresher clinic.


A one hour coached session with one of our professional instructors will address areas that can be immediately improved giving you improved skills and enjoyment before you head outdoors. Please note that this lesson will be on our main slope.

After the refresher you are welcome to remain on the slope for an additional hour to consolidate your newly refreshed skills, where members of the slope team will be on hand to offer encouragement and advice.


Refreshers sessions cost £39pp, that’s less than half the price of lesson and lift pass combo!   This includes one hour with an instructor plus a lift pass so you can consolidate your skills after your Refresher.

  • Includes lift pass and use of Snow Factor skis / snowboard
  • Please note that this session is for teens and adults only (13yrs+)



If you would prefer to speak to a human, call us on 0871 222 5672, you can also email for further details.