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Snow Dogz

Snow Play for Snow Dogz!

Snow Dogz

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Next Sessions Available:

+ 22nd & 28th Mar, 25th & 30th Apr, 14th & 30th May

+ £7.50 per dog

+ Humans go free! (max 2 humans per dog)

+ Weekday session times: 8am for all dogs, 9:15am is small-medium dogs, 10:30am medium-large dogs

+ Saturday evening session times: 7:45pm & 8:30pm is available for all dogs.

+ Sunday evening session times: 6pm & 7pm is available for all dogs.

We’d love to know who your bringing to Snow Dogz if you don’t mind telling us!

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Product Description

Your favourite 4-legged friends can enjoy playing in the fresh cool snow with our Snow Dogz Sessions. Perfect for dogs who have been feeling a little hot under the collar or who simply LOVE REAL SNOW. The Snow Dogz play session is hosted in a safe and secure play area on our slope with hoops, cones and tunnels to keep your furry friend entertained. Our Snow Dogz deserve the best and that’s why we have increased the snow play area for them to have even more fun and thrills on the snow!


  • Weekday duration: 1 hour
  • Weekday session times: 8am, 9:15am or 10.30am
  • Saturday and Sunday evening duration: 45 mins
  • Saturday evening session times: 7:45pm or 8:30pm
  • Sunday evening session times: 6pm or 7pm
  • £7.50 per dog


  • To facilitate weekend sessions at peak time these will run for a 45 min duration on our slope.
  • Pre-booking is essential.
    Please note that owners must be on the snow with dogs for the duration of the play session.
  • Dogs should be on leads to and from the snow play area. It is the owner’s decision to let their dog off the lead. If staff feel like any dogs or humans are being disruptive, they may be asked to leave the play area.
  • Dog owners are welcome to bring their dog’s favourite toys to the play session.
  • Owners should bring appropriate equipment needed in the case of any “accidents”.
    We will provide a yellow snow and brown snow bucket for our doggos. Yellow snow, our team will scoop up to ensure we get it all. Brown snow is the owner’s responsibility to please bring your poop bags with you and use the bin provided just like you would out on a walk.
  • For this event, dogs and owners will meet a Snow Factor Staff member outside the entrance of Soar 5 minutes before the session start time.
  • Please try to be prompt as latecomers hold the whole group back from starting.
  • Dogs and owners will then be led to enter Snow Factor via their own special entrance. Please do not take your dog inside the main mall.