JNR 7 Week Coaching Block - August > September 2018

The 7-week block of coaching sessions are open to skiers and snwboardered aged 11-15 years old  (under 11s can join subject to ability level – please get in touch HERE to enquire). The next block available to book starts on 27th October – 15th December.

If your child is comfortably able to ski or board down our entire main slope and has attempted one or two freestyle features then this is the next stage for them. This block of 7 sessions is designed to introduce children to the use of freestyle features and to start working on improving their tricks and style while having fun.

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 Start7 Week Block
Saturday 27th Oct8am10am
Saturday 3rd Nov8am10am
Saturday 17th Nov8am10am
Saturday 24th Nov8am10am
Saturday 1st Dec8am10am
Saturday 8th Dec8am10am
Saturday 15th Dec8am10am

There will be a maximum ratio of 7 children : 1 coach for both ski and board coaching.

How Much?

Please note that the slope is closed to the public for the first hour between 8am and 9am so the groups will have private use of the slope at this time.

7 Week Block
Snow Factor Members£149.00
Non-Members (Guest)£179.00

Book today by calling 0871 222 5672 or visiting reception 

Please note that this product can NOT be purchased as individual sessions.

Course Information

This 7 week block is open to Children aged 11-15 years old. (We will also accept under 11s subject to ability level)

Minimum Requirements


Your child must be able to confidently link turns from the top of the main slope. May have attempted a small box or jump


Your child must be able to confidently ski parallel with speed from the top of the main slope. May have attempted a small box or Jump

The Programme

Class Size

There will be a maximum ratio of 7 children to 1 coach for both Skiing and Snowboarding.

Slope Features

There will be at least 2 freestyle features out on the slope each week for the groups to use.  These features will be small in size and dictated by the park plan from earlier in the week. The features may differ from week to week although they will always be of a similar level to a Small Kicker (Jump) + Flat box or Roller + Flat-Down Box


The coaching team consists of fully qualified freestyle coaches. There will be one coach per group each week. The coaches will not always be working with the same groups every week and will move around.

The groups may not always be working on the features as some times it will be more beneficial to work on the slope instead.


Coaching is different to instructing. The Snow Factor coaches will seek to encourage more student input than on lessons and will focus on working together with each student to achieve agreed individual goals for the block. There may be weeks where individual students receive less feedback from the coach because there is seen to be more benefit from personal practise. The coaches will be filling in report cards to detail what is being worked on over the 7 weeks.

Book now by calling 0871 222 5672 today!