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We hold Freestyle Evenings every Thursday and Friday evenings between 6pm & 10pm with a different park every week. Keep up with our polls on Facebook where you can vote for your favourite park to be built each week.

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Freestyle Lessons & Coaching sessions

Book a Freestyle Lesson or coaching session with one of our qualified instructors. * For under 13yrs, please visit the JNR Freestyle Development page.


Our 2hr freestyle lessons are ideal for beginners who are looking to introduce themselves to freestyle features and develop their skills/tricks on the flat and on beginner features course

These lessons will focus on straight running, correct posture and basic flatland tricks and switch linked turns.
They may also include a focus on Freestyle Park etiquette, intro to boxes, rails and kickers and one clean park run depending on group and learners’ ability.

Upcoming Freestyle lessons:


❄️ Sat 11th Jan, 7 week freestyle block for Juniors 11yrs+

❄️More adult sessions coming soon


❄️More sessions coming soon


This is a 1hr coaching session ideal for those new to freestyle looking to tips on introducing themselves to features or for more experienced freestylers looking to progress. 

Freestyle ski Coaching

❄️More sessions coming soon

Freestyle Snowboard Coaching

❄️More sessions coming soon

Coaching sessions costs £7.50 in addition to your lift pass.