Introduction to Ice Climbing for Existing Rock Climbers (Induction)

  • Price per person: £30
  • 90 minute induction + 90 minutes climbing
  • All technical equipment included

This is for competent rock climbers who have little or no recent ice climbing experience at Grade III and above. These sessions are designed to help you transfer your existing skills and help you climb safer, slicker, faster and harder. This will include building on the core competencies of:

  • Rope Work: harness fitting / adjusting, best practice for tie in, knots and belaying
  • Footwork: fitting and adjusting crampons, learning how to front point to best effect
  • Ice Axes: using leashes, learning how to plant, hook or pick the best placement.
  • Balance: learning how to work from a stable, balanced base, resting between moves
  • Mixed Terrain: moving from moderate to steep and overhanging ice / mixed holds
  • Ergonomics: how to ice climb, long sustained ice pitches whilst conserving energy

This is a mandatory Instructed Induction Course, after which participants can ice climb unsupervised for 90 minutes, or – after registration and membership – at any other time for £10 per session. Registration also qualifies you for membership at our sister site at Kinlochleven.

Please note: Sessions can usually only take place with a minimum of 2 participants as the induction includes climbing AND belaying. Where possible, however, accommodations will be made for solo bookings for competent climbers.  Participants must be aged 16 years and over.

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