Oktoberfest Closing Party 2019

Join us on Saturday the 5th October 2019 for the quintessential Oktoberfest experience at Bar Varia, Glasgow!

The Oktoberfest Closing Party

This year our Legendary Oktoberfest coincides with the final weekend of the original Oktoberfest in Munich and to celebrate we are going all out.

Join us for a night of traditional Bavarian attire, authentic Bavarian food and some of the best German beers available. Not to mention a DJ and dance floor live until 1am (it is a closing party after all!).

Your ticket will include delicious Bavarian food served until 21:00, and if you have purchased an early bird or Full Heidi ticket you will also receive a Stein of Bier or large glass of wine on arrival too.  The night begins at 19:00 for a 19:30 kick off and we’ll party until close at 01:00am!  The live DJ will play throughout the evening with a host of great tunes and the odd German themed number thrown in too – so remember if you know the words you should sing along.

Go Full Heidi

As the quintessential German beverage container of choice for bier; Stiens are the preferred way to drink the amber nectar of Germany. So go Full Heidi and purchase your tickets below. Your Stien will be waiting for you at the bar.

We love to dress up, but don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you if you choose not to embrace the Lederhosen look for the evening!

Prices (pp)
Classic Oktoberfest Ticket£19.00
Full Heidi Oktoberfest Ticket£21.50

If you would prefer to speak to a human, call us on 0141 885 7000

Not sure how to pronounce some of the classic Oktoberfest lingo? Let us help you so you can practice pre-party…

Bier Stein (/ˈstaɪn/ STYNE), or simply stein – the traditional German vessel for beer containing 1L of the lovely amber stuffs

Lederhosen (/ˈleɪdərˌhoʊzən/; German pronunciation: [ˈleːdɐˌhoːzn̩], lit. “leather breeches”; singular in German usage: Lederhose) are short or knee-length leather breeches that are worn as traditional garments in German-speaking countries. Our preferred attire for Oktoberfest, Saturday nights on the town or just general lounge wear.

Dirndl (German: [ˈdɪʁndl̩], Austro-Bavarian: Diandl) is the name of a traditional feminine dress worn in the Bavarian area. It is a type of Tracht (traditional German wear) which is based on traditional clothing of Alps peasants.

Terms and Conditions:

Tickets are valid on the specified date only. Customers should be aware that your party may be placed at communal tables. (This is in keeping with the spirit of Oktoberfest!) Attendees MUST be legal drinking age (18 years +). Valid ID may be required.  Management reserve the right to refuse entry and/or service.