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All For A Good Cause… And I feel like a mermaid.

All for a good cause.

I have recently experienced a full leg waxing. Although, if both my legs were waxed does that mean that I have experienced two full leg waxings? Before any rumours are started, I did it to raise money for Against Breast Cancer.

Babs, one of our more eccentric employees, has been on a fundraising drive over recent months to raise cash for cancer charities. Babs just so happened to mention that she had promised to shave her head if she hits her £2,000 target. She also just so happened to mention that she was about £500 short of her target, so myself and a couple of the guys working in Bar Varia decided (half jokingly) that we would have our legs waxed if a further £500 could be raised; a way of raising the bar and to see if Babs would actually shave her head!

So we set a date and set up a just giving page and the donations started coming in. What started off as a bit of a joke had suddenly become a serious challenge (if challenge is the right word). It all started off as a big joke and to see if Babs would actually shave her head. And she did….

Babs in Breaking Bad's Water White Cook custume before head shave!

Babs in Breaking Bad’s Water White Cook custume before head shave!

Babs and her older sister Jen pose shortly after the 'big shave'. Mcleod

Babs and her older sister Jen pose shortly after the ‘big shave’

The night of the head shave arrived and the target had been reached. Babs shaved her head during an interval in the Breaking Bad quiz and my leg wax was on. There was no way I could wriggle out of it now. The best bit was that the other two guys in my team couldn’t make it on the night we had set so I was so I was on my own, great!!

I had brought my girlfriend and our three kids in the car so I couldn’t even have a beer to calm my nerves or dull the pain, but how sore could it really be?

It wasn’t bad; it was horrendous.

We had a good crowd and despite my efforts to hide the pain each strip caused the video’s already posted on social media prove just how much of a wimp I really am. I don’t know why but it seems that the sorest strips were the ones pulled by my own flesh and blood, my son. I think he must have googled wax strips in order to inflict the most amount of pain for his £3 per strip donation. He’s his fathers son right enough. All three kids and my girlfriend spent a small fortune on strips.

You’d be surprised how many of members of my team magically produced £3, one after another after another… to allow them to buy a wax strip and cause me discomfort (here’s me thinking that I was a good manager). Anyway, that’s all in the past now and I have the pleasure of assisting in waxing the legs of my two colleagues who couldn’t make it when they get waxed at our Friends Quiz on the 24th of July in Bar Varia. In addition to this another member of our team has agreed to have his back waxed, so that’s three of them to get pay back on.

Babs has done a fantastic job in her recent campaign and we are all proud of her efforts. Anyway, this blog is supposed to be about beer which funnily enough does relate to fundraising for great charities.

There are several beers available from our local supermarket, so if you’re trying something new why not make it something that helps others. I’ve only tried two recently but both are good:

Aurelio from the Two Fingers Brewing Company who send all profits to prostate Cancer Research UK.

Help for Heroes, blonde Ale by Marstons brewery who donate 6p from each pit or bottle sold.

Granted, these may be the best beers that I personally have tried (I have tried a hell of a lot of beer), however in saying that, I know that I have quite a particular taste in beer. In my opinion there are far worse beverages you could pour down your neck at home so give them a try, you might even find a new favourite and be able to justify your consumption based on the charitable contribution these brands make.

We like to be able to give something back when we can; which is why we make a point of using our venue to assist charities and good causes when we can. Free venue hire and cheap (or free depending on attendance – we still need to cover our costs) buffets or even just a share on social media are always possible. I am pleased that we have been able to contribute to several great causes over the years and at the end of the day, fundraising events are always fun.

I’m glad that my own personal discomfort was amusing as well as raising money for a great cause but I’m also glad that I can also support some great causes by doing what I do best, drinking beer.