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Schools & Youth Group – Ice Wall

Book your class onto one of our courses for the safest and easiest way to become a proficient indoor ice climber

what will the group learn?

The Curriculum

Active education sessions are a brilliant way to help children / young people achieve the experiences and outcomes identified through Curriculum for Excellence.

Our courses give them lifelong experiences and teach young people to learn, accomplish skills and achieve goals.

Fundamentally we hope to:
  • Allow pupils to develop new skills, experience personal achievement and build resilience and confidence
  • Develop skills for life long learning and work
  • Promote cross curricular links in areas such as health and wellbeing
  • Engage pupils who have a more kinaesthetic or visual learning style
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would it suit my group

who is it for?

Ice climbing is great for teens aged 12 years + who have a shoe size of a UK 4 or above.

We take groups as small as 4  and aim to progress them through basic ice climbing skills towards proficiency.

Our lessons are scheduled in 90min blocks and take you through levels 1-3. At the end of level 3 we expect the participant to be at a level of competance suitable for any indoor climbing wall in the UK. Lessons can also be combined with lunch, breakfast or an alternative activity.

All we ask is that your young people meet our minimum requirements of age and shoe size, and are open to learning a new skill.

We can do the rest.

To discuss a school or youth booking please contact our School Coordinator via

email  salesenquiries@snowfactor.com or by phone on 0141 885 7081