FAQ’s – Reopening after lockdown

Some Quick Answers to your Questions.

  • Q. What type of mask is required and why?

A. Masks are mandatory at all times on our premises (and by mask we mean face covering). A buff is sufficient but must be worn over the nose and mouth at all times throughout your visit. The government has made it mandatory to wear a mask as there is significant scientific evidence to support the reduction in virus transmission and so we think it is paramount that our staff and visitors follow this rule in order to keep both safe.

  • Q. Why are there no exceptions to the mask policy?

A. Although the government has an exemption list, science tells us persons on the list are still as capable to of spreading the virus as those off the list.  For this reason we have made the decision not to make exception to our mask policy as a temporary measure to protect our staff and visitors. This will be reviewed regularly and we look forward to relaxing this rule as soon as we see safe to do so.

  • Q. Will my voucher be honoured?

A. Yes absolutely. Gift Vouchers will be extended from our open date on the 29th of October with the remainder of it’s validity when we closed. We don’t want you to miss out!

Example: Your voucher expired on the 23rd April but we closed on the 23rd March. Your new expiry date will be the 29th November (1 month from our open date)

For more information click HERE.

  • Q. Will my membership be extended

A. Yes of course, we will extend all memberships to cover the time we have been closed. This will be done automatically by our team. You can continue benefiting from your membership as normal.

  • Q. I had a booking after you closed, what happens to it?

A. Our team will get you booked back in for your activity. They will be working their way through bookings which did not go ahead due to being closed. We will contact you asap to arrange this for you. Please be patient with our team while they work through the backlog.

For more information click HERE.

  • Q. Will everything be open on the 29th?

A. No, we are operating a phased return. This means our centre will open for lift passes only, on reduced hours with the view to expanding both as appropriate. Areas will remain closed such as the Ice Bar, you can find out more information HERE.

  • Q. It’s now the 27th of October why haven’t I heard from you?

A. Please be patient with our team and only send one email. They are working in smaller numbers to ensure they can socially distance and have 7 months of emails, voicemails, Facebook messages and phone calls to work through. They are working their way towards your enquiry/booking as fast as they can.