Bookings and activities after Covid

Many of you have been wondering what happens if you had an activity booked after we locked down or indeed how you go about making a new booking for some fun and games on the snow. Below is a guide to help answer your questions which we hope you find informative…

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers for their patience and understanding during this uncertain time. We are working as hard as we can to make the centre safe and to bring back as many of the activities as we can.

There will be changes and there will be new procedures but, we hope that you can join us in rolling with the new normal for as long as we need to get through this pandemic together.

The great news is the thrill of sliding down our slopes can never be taken away!

We are very excited to welcome you back and hope you are just as excited to join us for some long-awaited fun.

What you need to know

Contacting Our Team

Our customer care team will be back in the office soon and we know many of you will be eager to talk to them. Below is some guidance on what to do in different circumstances which we hope you’ll find helpful.

We can’t wait to welcome you back and understand that you may have been waiting for a response for some time due to our office being closed but we would ask the following from you before you contact us.

Please read below, you may not need to take any action yourself and your question may be answered here.

Please only send one email with your query. If our team need to read and respond to 3 messages from every person on email, voicemail and facebook it will take 9 times longer to get back to everyone (it’s just maths really 😊).

If you have emailed or left a voicemail, our team will respond to you but please give them time to do so.

Our office will be open at the same time as our centre and we are anticipating a large volume of emails and voicemails to read/listen, resolve and respond to. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to respond to everyone instantly but be assured we are working our way through queries as quickly as possible.

Please know that our team will be reduced in numbers to ensure we can safely distance them in the office.

Our customer care team man our social channel inboxes, as per the above please choose one channel of communication with one message to reduce the response time to your query.

Be kind to our customer care team, they are really lovely people and will do their best to help you; remember, they didn’t choose for a pandemic to close our office so they couldn’t respond. We appreciate you may be frustrated at awaiting a response but they are doing their absolute best to respond to everyone as quickly as they can.

Activities Booked after Lock Down


Our team will be in contact when they return to the office to move your booking, we don’t want you to miss out on your activity!

Initially we will be offering a reduced number of activities before building up to our full range again. This is to manage capacity in the centre and ease everyone into the new procedures. Should your booked activity not be available you will be able to switch to a new one or await them being added to the activity schedule.

We will be in touch with you, please be patient with our team while they work through the bookings.

How to Redeem

Gift Vouchers

If you had a valid gift voucher when we locked down we will extend the voucher to ensure you get the full validity. Our team will do this at reception for you when you book your activity. The remainder of your validity prior to our lockdown will be added starting from the 9th October when we open again.

  • For example: We closed on the 23rd March 2020 but your voucher expiry date was the 23rd May 2020. You will have two months from the 29th October to book your activity making your new expiry date on the 29th December.

If you purchased a voucher after we locked down, our team will work to get your voucher out to you in the post with your details submitted on the booking. You don’t need to do anything further and the validity will commence from the point we post it to you.

We ask for your patience as we will initially be working with a reduced team to ensure we can distance them appropriately and they will have a backlog of enquiries, bookings and vouchers to process.

What to do


If you have a membership

Don’t worry we will be extending your membership for you to ensure you get your full years validity. We don’t want you to miss out. You don’t need to do anything else, just resume visiting us as normal and our team will do the rest.

If you have a pay monthly membership

We will ensure you don’t miss out on the months you have missed on your paid membership. Our team will do this automatically and can update you on your next visit.

Bookings After Lock Down

How do I make a new booking?

We are delighted to finally be able to welcome you back on Thu 29th October!

Booking a new activity is just like it was before however we do ask that you book your activity online where at all possible to keep our call volumes down while we respond to queries and existing booking moves.

We are hoping to open the booking pages on Tuesday afternoon (27th Oct). You will be able to book 24h to one month in advance online.

If you are struggling online we are of course, here to help on the phone; just give us a call on 0141 885 7000 when we open on Thursday 29th Oct.

Online booking will be live shortly, we will email our mailing list when it opens and post it on our social pages so keep an eye out!