Glasgow’s premier Snowsports Centre

As Glasgow’s premier Snowsports Centre, we pride ourselves on offering a range of experiences for all ages.

What makes Snow Factor so special you ask? It’s not just that we’ve taught over half a million people to ski and snowboard or our highly qualified instructors offering exceptional service but the fact you can slide with style on REAL SNOW!

For any keen skier or boarder, the most important thing is having enough snow! At Snow Factor we have 1000 tonnes of it, that’s equivalent to 2000 elephants! Not to mention we have 14 snow cannons making fresh snow every week all year round.

Making amazing snow quality for all of our customers

Typically our snow cannons run most evenings in 6-hour cycles overnight. In order to make the snow quality amazing for each and every one of you. Recently we have turned our cannons up to 10 hours each night in order to refresh the snow and make way for a new and improved snow slope.

Behind the scenes

The magic of snowmaking takes place after we close our doors at 10pm. Our snow cannons start-up and our brilliant night staff begin work grooming the slope with one of our Kassbohrer Pistenbully 100 machines (Kat for short) to ensure perfect conditions for the next day.
Fresh snow can feel a little tacky until it aerates (dries out to become light), the tiller on the Kat circulates air into the snow which helps bond the snow together and make for the beautiful snow that we all dream of…well, that’s what we dream about anyway!

How long does this all take you may wonder?! Well here’s what our Kat driver and Team Leader Nick Giannini had to say, “It takes 2-3 hours to groom the slope unless the Park Team is in building or taking down a freestyle park. It can take up to 4 hours to level off all the lumps and bumps on the park before it’s ready to go”. Once the finishing touches are completed to the jumps, kickers and rails everyone goes home for the night leaving us all to wake up to stunning white corduroy pistes.

Here are our lovely Team Leaders Nick and Denni in the Kat grooming the Snow Factor slope.

The need to make more snow

Due to the increase in visitors to Snow Factor, be it recreational skiers/boarders, school activities or competitions, our snow quality took a dip which we are working to improve. The increased snowmaking has already resulted in better snow quality, and you’ve guessed it, better skiing and boarding conditions for everyone using the hill.

If you were to ask our Slope Manager – Ross Gilchrist on the importance of making more snow he’d say, “Improving our slope quality for our customers is our main drive at Snow Factor at present. We want to ensure everyone who comes to use our centre has an enjoyable time and one area we can make a change is by increasing our snowmaking activity for the foreseeable future until our slopes regain their perfect condition.”

With our slopes similar to a blue run in Europe and the main slope at a depth of nearly 1.5m it’s important that we maintain our snow slope quality by increasing our snowmaking and already we have seen drastic improvements which is great to see.

Everyone from Snow Factor would like to give big thanks to all our amazing customers for their continued support. We look forward to seeing you on the slope and don’t forget to say hi when your passing!