Ice Sessions going well so far

New Music every other Friday

Since February 2017, the Ice Bar has been collaborating with local and international artists to help showcase the best of new talent.

They have recorded Ice Sessions with artists from Glasgow, Iceland and most recently, L.A of all genres.

‘We are having such an amazing time recording the artists (although it has been pretty cold) and we are proud to have created a new platform for discovering new music’

Before we started this project we foresaw lots of temperature related problems, but it seems the only issue has been cold fingers and guitars that need tuning a little more than usual.

See our favourites:

Deap Vally – Ice Session #016

Kitty – Ice Session #015

Beach Slang – Ice Session #001

We release a new Ice Session every 2nd Friday, our next Ice Session #017 will be released on Friday 15th September ft local band North Atlas.

You can listen to them on soundcloud here:

Are you a band interested in recording an Ice Session?

Get in touch with us via email to enquire.