Find Dory Competition Winners

Have you seen her?...yes.

Have you found Dory yet?! 

Over the past week we have lots of kids and adults alike visiting to Find Dory and we have loved seeing all the pictures posted onto our Facebook.  See our winners so far below!!

Daily winner 1 


Daily Winner 2

winner 2

Daily Winner 3

winner 3

Daily Winner 4

winner 4

Daily winner 5


Daily winner 6 – Jannah and James

winner 6

Weekly winners – Devin and Brooke !

winner weekly 1

Daily winner 7 – Caleb :

winner 7


How can you get involved and win a prize??

For the month of July, we’re running a Find Dory competition and there are daily and weekly prizes up for grabs!
1. Find Dory in Snow Factor
2. Post a picture of her (and you) onto our Facebook  
3. Win a fab prize 


Daily prizes include: a round of hot chocolates, a round of ice cream sundaes and a round of cake!

Weekly prize: Sledging for 4 and a round of hot chocolate.