Marc ‘Gladis’ McClement on Go Big or Go Home

Dryslope = R.I.P skin

We caught up with Marc ‘Gladis’ McClement, one of our instructors, following his podium finish at last week’s Go big or Go Home (GBoGH) event – the biggest dry slope competition in the UK. Marc finished in 2nd place in the Men’s Snowboard category alongside Rio, another Snow Factor instructor who was also competing and placed 3rd in the Ladies Snowboard category. They are both suitably stoked with their results.

Photo 18-06-2016, 13 57 23

So, Marc, how often do you compete?

Not that often really, I’ve always broken something which means I can’t compete!  However, I always try and compete in the Go Big or Go Home event.

GBoGh is a dry slope competition, how is riding and competing on dry slope compared to in a dome or on the mountain?

Well firstly, dry slope hurts more, you can say goodbye to any revealed skin you may have forgotten to cover up. It’s challenging depending on the weather, for example, if its really sunny and the temperature is hot, the dry slope becomes almost sandpaper like, making riding more difficult.

Would you like to compete in more competitions? 

Yes, I’d like to compete in more competitions, particularly the British Indoor champs.

What do you do to prepare for competitions?

To prepare, I try and ride the slope i’ll be competing on before the competition. It’s different in the case of GBoGH however as I learned on the Bersden dry slope so it’s really familiar to me.

Walk us through you and Rio’s grabs and tricks fomr GBoGH.


  • Front 180 – 0.07
  • Method – 0.14


  • Bs7 Indy – training with Fin Brenmer, winner of Men’s Snowboard Category – 0.25
  • Indy tailbone on the hip – 0.32
  • Bs9 Mute (more training with Fin)- 0.37
  • Fs3 Grail – 0.40
  • Bs 5 Gorilla Stiffy – 0.47
  • Bs9 Stale Fish – 0.52
  • Bs3 Double Shifty – 0.54
  • Bs7 Japan – 1.00
  • Bs Double Rodeo…attempt. – 1.08