Snow Factor Wins Round 1 of CSS League

*nods smuggly*

Snow Factor recently entered a team of riders into The CSS (Championship Snowboaring) League competition and WE JUST WON ROUND 1!

Meet our riders:

css profile photo rio css profile photo marc css profile photo leon css profile photo angus 20160526_155836

Riona Paterson              Marc Mclement             Leon Drynan                 Angus Malloch        James Bowman

This is how the CSS league works:

Crews representing their local slope (in our case, Snow Factor, Braehead) compete against other teams from all over the UK by submitting videos of their best tricks filmed at their local indoor or dryslope scene. The footage is then judged, scored and edited into “matches” which will then be live on the CSS website and shared across social media. There are 6 teams to compete against and 5 rounds. After all 5 rounds have taken place the winning team will be crowned the Championship Winners and therefore the Best Scene in Great Britain. Naturally, we would quite like to win.

Our first ‘match’ was against Hemel Hempstead and we are stoked to say that we won round 1.  


Round 2:

  • We’re up against Milton Keynes in our next ‘match’.
  • The edit of this will be revealed on 11-07-2016
  • Watch this space!