Meet Enrico, the 90 Year Old Skier

He is our role model

Enrico is one of our best customers visiting us three times a week to use our slope and his Italian charm makes us swoon. This week STV’s chat show Live at Five documented Enrico, his upbringing and his admirable active lifestyle at 90 years young – watch it here. Enrico is started skiing 83 years ago and proudly claims that he is still improving his skiing technique today.

enrico lol

…I’ve skied in 7 countries and 53 resorts…

Enrico has been visiting us for the past few years. We love Enrico as he has the heart, smile and positivity of a 20 year old and he should be everyone’s role model.

In his piece for STV, he refers to Snow Factor as ‘a marvelous indoor snow slope’  and jokes about the fact he could only turn left for many years!  You can watch Enrico glide down our slope and chat about his active lifestyle by clicking this link – (watch from 4 mins to see Enrico).