Meet Deja, The 5-year old Freestyler

The Pocket Rocket Takes The Slope By Storm

This past Friday we caught up with Deja, one of the coolest kids on our slope and a name I imagine we will be hearing more of in the future.


Deja is a skier, nick-named The Pocket Rocket, and rightly so! On skis, Deja fearless, fast and freestyle daft. He’s also one of the most charming and friendliest kids you’ll meet!

When Deja stared learning to ski with us, it was very clear that he was a natural born skier. Having completed all 7 skiing lessonlevels, Deja wanted more to challenge him and he had his eyes on the freestyle jumps.  Deja is 5 years old.

As Deja is a few years away from the wise old age of ten (minimum age of going on our slope unaccompanied by an adult) he needed an adult to hit the slopes with.  Thankfully His uncle Jonny came the to rescue and learned how to snowboard so that Deja could start learning and having fun with our freestyle parks!

deja and uncle jonny

We also wanted to help! Deja is now enjoying private freestyle lessons with us where he is being introduced to the various jumps and park features  and shown how to tackle them.

I popped my skis on and did a few runs with Deja and his uncle Jonny so he could show me his skills, I asked him which jumps and features he was going to attempt and he playfully responded every time: ‘IT’S A SURPRISE!’ before he zoomed off down the slope.

So here’s what we learned about Deja:

When did Deja learn to ski?

  • Answer 1: He said he can’t remember… it’s been so long.
  • Answer 2: Hundreds of weeks ago…

When did he start learning freestyle?

  • March

What’s his favourite freestyle features?

  • His favourite features are boxes and ‘big jumps’.

What trick does he want to do next?

  • He’s working on his 180, which is when you approach a jump and when in the air turn round and land it backwards. Oh and really wants a shot on the air bag! (Sorry Deja, you’ll need to wait a few years!)

What does he love about snow Factor?

  • All the big jumps

Who’s his favourite instructor?

  • Douglas

What does Deja like to do apart from skiing?

  • Deja also likes Ice Hockey and BMX

Check out Deja and his tricks in the video below (apologies for the high pitched voice of mine…):


Has seeing Deja inspired you to try your hand at freestyle?

Every Thursday and Friday night we have park features up, which are uploaded weekly on Facebook and to the freestyle page on our website.

Every Thursday evening we also offer informal freestyle coaching for an additional £5 (BARGAIN ALERT!) after the Freestyle Madness lift price cost of £19.95. Does this float your boat? If so…

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