The Perks Of Summer Skiing + Boarding

Chill out this summer

We live in Scotland, and even though we don’t really have seasons (you know what I mean, it’s more like a year-round winter, with one day of summer… I think summer fell on a Wednesday last year), it tends to be that we still associate certain sports with certain months. That’s right, the common thought is that skiing and snowboarding are restricted to the months that book-end the year.


Well, call us crazy but we disagree. Skiing and boarding should be year-round activities. We can all agree that the one fab week abroad on the slopes fun-filled with new runs, new drinks and familiar hangovers is just not enough time to scratch our ski and boarding itch.

Thankfully we have a solution to the itch that’s not being scratched enough… As Scotland’s only year-round snow sport resort AND home to the longest indoor snow slope in the UK, you don’t have to limit the fun to just one week per year.

Apart from the fact that snow sports are awesome at any point in the year, here is why you should continue to ski and board throughout the ‘summer’:

  • It’s a chance to upgrade your skills…without the winter rush and madness. Maintaining your ability and nurturing your technique throughout the year, even sporadically, will enhance your overall experience when you get abroad. You don’t have to spend your first days abroad ‘getting your ski legs back’ if you never lost them.
  • It’s always snowing here, and it’s never windy. Look at our forecast for the next…FOREVER
  • It’s a work out! You can get one step closer to your bikini bod by working hard on the slope, there’s no need to feel sad at the gym. The Telegraph say 6 hours of skiing burns up to 3000 calories….
  • Got kids under the age of 15? Its perfect entertainment to make dull day a delightful one. In fact, they might even like one of our Snow Camps.
  • We offer the closest thing to Après ski this side of the Channel. With Bar Varia’s large selection of German beers and Ales and the Ice Bar experience (sit on an ice throne, get a selfie with and ice bear and take a shot from an ice luge), you will not be short of an opportunity for post-ski and board funzies.
  • Summer TV is pants, we all know it will be a singer who wins BGT anyways.

The only negative is that sadly you can’t ski in flip flops… although not from lack of trying.

Most people who haven’t learned to ski or board yet will wait until the winter to do so as they are associating months with certain sports again.

Maybe you’ve not learned to ski or board yet and you think that you should wait until next winter. We disagree with that common thought as well. Here’s why:

  • Note that all previous reasons apply to new learners.
  • You’ll have more time to learn and more time to practise. If you’re learning for the purpose of getting up north for a weekend or even abroad for a week, it’s important to get as much slope time as possible. The more slope time you have under your belt the more competent you’ll be on your skis or board and the more fun you’ll have
  • You’ll have more space to learn. It’s no surprise that our busiest time is during the months leading up to ski holiday season, with lessons booked out and a busy slope, which some new learners may not enjoy. In the summer our slope is generally quieter, which means you can take your time and learn at a pace that suits you.
  • We often offer lesson deals throughout the summer (YAY, BARGAINS!). Keep an eye on our Flash sale section which we update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday where you can get up to 30% off lesson and sessions.