Redefining the notion of 'it's all downhill after 55'

Skiing and snowboarding is often connotational with youngsters in oversized trousers hanging from below their bums and people who listen to weird sounding techno tunes. However that’s only a proportion of the skiing and snowboarding population. It turns out that almost 10% of the ski and board population are over 55+, that’s over 200,000 in the UK alone. It is mainly baby boomers who, whilst physically getting older, are acting younger, and it’s great!  The idea of ‘it’s all downhill after 55….’ is being redefined, now it’s “Yeah it’s all downhill after 55, downhill on fresh piste!”


Many people reaching that 55+ age bracket want to try something new, and due the most common images or the ski and board community, many are convinced that they are ‘past the age of flinging themselves down a hill’ and it’s time to change that.

I asked a friend of mine, Alice, why she picked up skiing later in life and what she’s come to love about the sport. She sums up all the positives beautifully and truly epitomizes the image of a born-again ski extraordinaire…

Sooo…….why start skiing or continue to ski at 55+? 

Well, nobody’s ever too old to learn a new trick or two – in fact the older you get the more you need to do something different. The saying “life’s too short” becomes very relevant the older you get! If you want to feel good about yourself, get out there. Doesn’t matter how well you can ski, there will always be somebody at the same level. It’s extremely sociable and all levels of skiers can share the same holiday.  But the beauty is – it can also be somewhere you can take time out for yourself. Just gliding down the slopes gives you so much time to think it clears the mind beautifully.

 Oh and another thing –it’s easy! Relaxing even! A few classes and it’s like riding a bike. There are not many places left where you can do your own thing – on top of a mountain is one of them!

It’s the best combination ever – blue skies, beautiful scenery and the après ski – well that’s up to the individual – in my case – bring on the vin chaud!

At Snow Factor, we don’t have a mountain persé, but we have a pretty impressive slope and we can tick most of the boxes Alice refers to. If Alice hasn’t convinced you that skiing is great for any age your health, brain and level of suaveness (that’s right, skiing and boarding is undeniably a suave activity), then here some clear reasons:

  • BOOSTS OVERALL HAPPINESS… exercise and getting quality down time is proven to increase all your happiness chemicals (that’s your endorphins, dopamine etc etc..).
  • IT’S A VERY SOCIAL SPORT… if you want it to be. Après Ski is as big a part of skiing as the actual skiing is. Make an event of it, get your friends involved and laugh about our slope experiences that day.
  • IT WORKS YOUR MUSCLES…this is a good thing.
  • IMPROVES YOUR CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM… skiing/boarding is undoubtedly a work out. You’ll will elevate your heart rate which in turn increases blood circulation, bringing more nutrients and oxygen to your tissues and helping to remove waste from the body more quickly (here for more on that)
  • HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT.. 6 hours of skiing can burn up to 3,000 calories according to this Telegraph Aritcle


Enrico comes 3 times a week and we cherish him as a customer. Enrico lives by the mantra “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”. Read all about Enrico and his skiing escapades here.

Resorts worldwide offer discounts to the more mature skiers and boarders and we’re jumping on the bandwagon. We have just launched our new morning offer ‘Silver Surfers’. This gives skiers and snowboarders aged 55+ a 4 hour lift pass for just £15 p/p to use between 10am-2pm every Monday. Monday mornings on the slope are typically quite quiet, and as the slope is groomed every evening, the snow is in its most pristine condition – just like Glencoe on a brisk, dry, wind-free winter’s day!

Someone(someone on Google…) once said that ‘youth is like fire, it goes out if unattended’ and keeping up your skiing or boarding is a fab way to keep that fire burning.

Find out more about the offer here or simply….

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We are looking to introduce an offer to get more over 55’s returning to the slopes or hitting the slope for the first time. If you have 30 seconds, fill out our very quick survey to help us get the information we need to make it happen.

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