A Day In The Life Of Holiday Snow Camp

The coolest holiday camp there is!

The Easter Holidays are always a blur at Snow Factor, and we love it! Along with all of the families celebrating their shared time off on our slope, we have our Holiday Snow Camps running both weeks. If you’ve not heard of our Holiday Snow Camps, here’s what a typical day in the life of a Snow Factor Snow Camper will look like:

8.30am First they’ll sign in with one of our lovely customer care team


9.00am Kids will then meet up with their Team leader depending on what camp they’re on (Rookie, Rider, Pro or Freestyle) before they hit the slope for the morning.


10.45am After some decent slope time, our campers are in need of a much needed lunch and a snack. So, up to the activities room they go where they can chat to all the kids on other camps about what they’ve been up to that morning.


3.30pm Snack time is over and it’s time to shed some more snow before the afternoon’s activity. So far this week, the kids have been busy in the afternoons at laser tag, the cinema, a round of mini golf and a session on our ice slide and sledging slope!


Friday is ONSIE DAY which means instead of having our usual bunch of campers on the slope, we have everything from tigers, teletubbies doing kickers to Winnie the Pooh and tweetie pie perfecting their toe edges!



5.00pm To officially end a fantastic week of snow, smiles and silliness, all campers are given a Certificate to congratulate them for successfully completing their respective Snow Camps, a free 2hr lift pass AND a their 1year membership card!


So how do the camps work? And how can your kids get involved?

Step 1: Pick a week which suits the family,  this year we’re running Summer Snow Camps from the 4th of July until the 18th of August

Step 2: Pick your camp:

  • Rookie – for the new kids on the skiing and boarding block who’ll learn all the basics and we’ll get them up to recreational standard
  • Rider – For kids already at a recreational standard/ have passed their level 7. They’ll get taught how to build on their technique
  • Pro – For the aspiring pros, we’ll work on polishing their existing techniques and introduce race, slalom and slope style skills!
  • Freestyle – For those adventurous kids we advance the freestyle elements and let them learn and practise tricks with our very competent instructors

Step 3: The details and finance-y stuff:

  • Age range: 7 – 15 years
  • Price per child: £239.00 ( if you’re already a member, you’ll get a 30% discount)
  • Sibling Discount: 10%
  • Drop-off: 8.30am
  • Pick-up: 5.30pm
  • All camps are full day and include snacks, refreshments and lunch. Camps also include afternoon activities in the centre itself.

Step 4: Call our customer care team to book now on 08712225672.

Step 5: Start planning how you’re going to spend your week while kids are at Snow Camp

  • Go for a spa day
  • Get that round of golf in you’ve been wanting to do for ages
  • Nap…
  • Go on the slope too
  • Watch from bar varia and have a delicious hot chocolate

We’re really proud of our camps and it means the world to us when hear about how much the kids have enjoyed themselves. Read 3 of the many many 5* reviews we received over the Easter Holidays.

  • My 11 year old has just finished his Easter week ski camp today and already planning summer camp. It really is money well spent Full week of not only skiing but also varied activities around centre,from crazy golf to cinema ,with lunch and snacks thrown in. Instructors really are fantastic with them , building their confidence and honing their skills , they really do give 100 percent and it shows in their results at the end of the week , when you see your smiley child competently skiing down the run A big thanks therefore to AlanR-Gladis-Denni and Stu B

  • My wee girl just spent a week at the Ski camp and she said ‘it was the best week of her life’. A big thanks to all the instructors ,Denni, Alan R , Gladist, and Stu B for looking after her. It was expensive but considering you get 5 days of Childcare, lunches and afternoon activities as well as top notch Ski instruction on real snow it is good value for money.

  • My five days at Snow Camp were amazing! I learned how to jump and how to really make my snowboarding turns flow better. It was great to try out different types of ramps (rollers and kickers) and get the skills to land after them. I had a “sick” time, and am stoked to be going back in August too 🙂 Thanks to Alan R, Gladis, Stu B and Denni, for organising great fun activities and teaching me loads! ~ Chris (age 8)

We hope to see you this summer!!