DARE TO AIR; Freestyle airbag comes to Snow Factor

Release your inner Eddie the Eagle

¡¡The Airbag is coming back to Snow Factor – YAY!!

Mark the 29th of April, the 13th of May and the 10th of June in your diaries NOW for a funzie-filled evening of airbag activities.

Trying out an airbag is a bucket list kind of thing; everyone should try it least once. Whether you’re looking to polish your butter switch front flip or just want to be air-borne for a few seconds, you must come along and join in. It’s trilling and ridiculous, it’s the best way to practise tricks and it’s the best fun!


If you’ve never tried it, we asked a few people to describe what using an airbag is like and here is what they said:

It’s like being the real life Eddie the Eagle. You can dare to try a new trick and it’s like landing on a massive bouncy castle or cotton wool even. It’s perfect for trying your first backflip and for building confidence. Chris, Snow Factor Instructor

You could be like eddie  on the 29th of April, 13th of May or 10th of June.

It’s like having one of those dreams where you can do any trick and land it without hurting yourself trying. You get to try anything you want with the knowledge that, you’ll be ok after and not die.  – Craig Dickson, ski seasonaire 2013-2016

A basic guide on how to have fun and not to kill yourself when using an airbag:

  • Listen to the coaches, they will tell you when to go when its safe
  • Ski or snowboard confidently in a straight line for 30metres
  • Take a deep breath and be brave
  • Let the airbag catch you
  • Do it all over again

Are you still worried? Here are some details of what an airbag actually does to reassure you that you will live to see another day

  • Airbags soften the impact:
    • Funnily enough it’s not the falling that causes injuries but the impact. You know that way when your apple falls off the counter and hits the floor (gutted) ? And then you pick it up and see that it’s got a dent and a bruise? Well if your body is the apple, airbags are there to stop any dents and bruises.

A band aid on a bruised but still delicious apple.

  • Airbags reduce injuries:
    • The airbag itself is there to help prevent impact injuries. However, the team who will lead the coached session will also play a big part in the reducing injuries. They’ve got the knowledge and the skills to help you have the safest and most fun possible. So, listen to them and ask any questions about concerns you have that may be nigglin’ your noggin.
    • no, dignity does not count as an injury. Airbags will not reduce the chance of you looking silly, do not copy this guy.
  • Airbags let you practice tricks frequently:
    • Thanks to airbags, you’ll have more confidence to try out and practice those tricks you’ve been dreaming about for months. With some decent airbag practise, you’ll then become balsy enough to try without the airbag and land it and Bob will truly be your uncle.

DSC_2624 CROP DSC_2714

Are you sold?

It will be £37.00 p/p (£10 airbag coached session + £27 Friday Freestyle 4hr lift pass ) and T&Cs apply. Click here for all the event details or if you are already a keen bean, then just book now by clicking below.

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