Paws on the Piste: Snowboard Lessons for Pets!

“How cool would it if your pet could snowboard with you?” – A common thought of pet owners world-wide

At Snow Factor, our staff LOVE pets, and what we love even more is when pets do cool stuff, like snowboarding. We, like you, have seen all seen the viral videos of pets snowboarding and we were instantly hooked, we had to make it happen.


So, it’s been a long time in the works, but we can finally reveal our exciting news. As of today, we will be offering pet snowboard lessons on a first-come first-served basis to your beloved cats and dogs! For just £30 per 30-minute lesson, your pet will learn the first basics of snowboarding. Watch the video below and see Henry and Honey the Basset Hounds, Alli the Poochon and Millie the car on their first lesson. Get excited pet owners, this is real life!

For one day only we’re trailing these 30-minute lessons before we go ahead and perhaps make it a permanent feature.

So how does it work? Surely you can’t teach pets snow sports?!?

Well, that’s where we have been wrong.  We are working in collaboration with Paws Patrol, a group of trainers and instructors who specialise in training pets to participate in adventure sports (they’re the guys who’ll train your Pirates of the Caribbean dogs, your Downtown Abbey dogs, so we trust them). Stuart Brown, (featured in video above) Paws Patrol instructor of 4 years, is our onsite trainer for the day. He too, is excited about the one-day trial:

“I’ve been waiting for years for this specialised industry to become more readily available to pet owners nation-wide. Its great fun for both the pets and the pet owners alike and I think we are going to see something really special today on the slope.”

stu Stuart and dogs mid-lesson.

Pets should arrive 30 minutes before the lesson is due to start to get ready, we will provide special snowboard booties, pooch helmet and warm pet jackets can be hired for only £3. On the slope the lessons will be conducted on a 3:1 ratio to maximise attention. The lesson will focus on showing pets how to balance on the board and how to skate around the flat and gentle slope areas.

Andrew Binnie, Slope Manager at Snow Factor Braehead, explained: “As a year-round snowsports destination, we believe Snow Factor is the ideal destination for pet owning winter sport enthusiasts to give their four-legged friends the chance to experience the thrill and fun of snowboarding. As a post-lesson treat, all pets will receive a bone or carton of crème.”

Still unsure whether snowboarding is for your pet? Here’s some reasons to get you and your pet on (snow)board:

  • You can now plan that dream snowboarding holiday where you don’t have to feel guilty at the thought of your pet lonely at home
  • Its great exercise for your pet
  • Dogs and cats LOVE playing in the snow, think about how happy they will be
  • All of the likes you’ll get posting pictures of your pet in snowboard gear on Facebook and Instagram
  • All the worthwhile celebs are doing it (Ricky Martin, Shaggy, The Cheeky Girls…)


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Call now and book a pet lesson now on 0871 222 5672, you will not regret it.

A special thanks to all those who featured in our video:


  • Alli the Poochon is 3 yrs old and lives in Renfrew ( owner Allan Shoebag )
  • Mille the cat is from Duns and is years old (owner Lynn Aitchison)
  • Honey the Basset Hound is from the Gorbals and is 2 yrs old (owner Alicia MacDonald)
  • Henry the Basset Hound is from Kirkintilloch and is 4 yrs old (owner Harriet Gordon)
  • Fraser McIntyre the human who is from Glasgow and works at Snow Factor
  • Stuart Brown the human who is also from Glasgow who is a Paws Patrol Intsructor

Happy April Fools Day!