Pre and Apres-ski yoga: it’s the new trend yoga-to try  

What are skiers and snowboarders interested in when they’re off the slopes?

  1. Thinking about skiing and snowboarding ✓
  2. Talking about skiing and snowboarding ✓
  3. Other adventure sports (skateboarding, mountain biking…) ✓
  4. Watching Stay Bad Ass, a lot. ✓
  5. Binging on ski fail videos on Youtube ✓
  6. Après-ski ✓
  7. Alcohol (normally in association with aforementioned interest) ✓
  8. Yoga??

ski bum           VS     CALM YOG




So, over the course of the last few years there’s been a new trend: yoga and winter sports. It may seem paradoxical;

  • Skiing and snowboarding = fun, adventure, adrenalin, energy, speed….
  • Yoga = calm, Zen, breathing, tranquil, vegan….

However in actual fact, yoga and skiing/snowboarding go hand in hand and everyone should know about it.

Gold Olympic medal winners such as Jamie Anderson and other professional skiers and snowboarders have recently opened up about their training regimes and yoga has become a huge focal point within the community. They claim it gives them an extra competitive edge.

Here’s why:

Skiing and snowboarding are physically demanding sports, it takes a lot strength, balance, and focus to charge down a mountain while strapped to a board or locked into some skis. Practising yoga will help you become stronger, more flexible and balanced. Yoga will prepare your body to handle the stress that snow sports put on it; it will wake up your muscles and teach them to work together and loosen your joints so you can tackle the runs and jumps your body wouldn’t let you before.

Yoga will also help you prevent those nasty injuries. For the avid skier and snowboarder, injuries can be common and sometimes you’ll end up over compensating in one or two areas to avoid weakening some of your fragile spots. You might even adjust your ski or snowboard style, favouring one kind of turn over the other. Yoga will help you regain control of your body and allow you to advance your technique.

Yoga 101 for skiers and snowboarders

Here’s some poses to get you started

Sun Salutation sun salll

GOOD FOR: Energizing your body, stretches and strengthens all of its major muscle groups

High Lunge     male high lunge

GOOD FOR: Toning the entire leg, improving coordination, and stretching the hip flexors

Utkatasana (Chair Pose) with Block chaire p

GOOD FOR: Toning the quadriceps, inner thighs, feet, and core; helps promote proper knee alignment

Utkata Konasana (Goddess Pose) with Arms in Prayer pose

GOOD FOR: Toning the feet and legs, coordinating balance, and building upper-back strength

Virasana (Hero Pose) with Block and Mat hero

GOOD FOR: Stretching thighs, knees, and ankles; strengthens back and core muscles

Sound good so far? Watch this tutorial for a more insight and details. And if you become competent in yoga you can even test your poses on the slopes…..


If you’re not yet convinced, here is a collection of cute animals doing yoga just for reading to the end…

catdogg                  bearseal