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Fitness has never been so much fun...

There are plenty of opportunities to get fit at Snow Factor Braehead.  With fun, adrenaline pumping activities like skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, snow tubing and sledging all under one roof, its the perfect place to get fit and have fun.

Snow Factor is Scotland’s only year round snow sport resort (and the longest indoor real snow slope in the UK). With dedicated teaching and instruction slope, main ski slope, 4 ski lifts, ice climbing wall, Bavarian Restaurant, Ice Slide, Festive Grotto, Sledging and our new Ice Bar it really is the perfect winter fun destination and all only 10 minutes from Glasgow city centre (follow signs for the airport).

Ice Climbing 


Ice Climbing “uses lots of muscle groups, both in the upper and lower body. Your back, abdominal and leg muscles all get exercised as well as your fingers, shoulders and arms. Regular climbing can improve stamina as well as muscle strength. In addition, all the reaching and stretching for holds improves flexibility and agility.” [NHS.UK]

Ice climbing works your entire body and improves your concentration, problem solving and determination, so what is not to LOVE.  Its not just for experienced ice climbers or existing rock climbers either, complete beginners can have a go for only £30pp (all specialist equipment included).

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Ski Your Way to Fitness

Skiing is a fantastically fun way to get fit.  Skiing tones your stomach muscles, improves your cardiovascular system, works your muscles and can help you lose weight.  Betony Garner of the Ski Club of Great Britain believes skiing for just half an hour without stopping is a good cardiovascular workout. “Skiing is good for both experienced skiers and beginners because it works the major muscle groups,’ she says.  “Also, beginners tend to walk up the slope, rather than using a ski lift – which really works the heart and lungs, making it a good overall workout!” [Daily Mail]

With guaranteed perfect teaching conditions and fresh snow every day, Snow Factor Glasgow is the perfect place to practice, train and learn to ski or snowboard – whatever the weather – 364 days a year!

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Snowboarding: Fitness has never been so cool

“Snowboarding works out all the major muscle groups in your body and even works some muscles that you may not use often, like the ones in your feet and ankles. You’ll use your quads, hamstrings and calves to ride the snowboard.” [Fitday]  “The average person burns up to 450 calories per hour, so it’s a great way to lose weight and increases your endurance.”

So, what do you need to ski or snowboard, nothing but a taste for adventure and a sense of fun.

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Your safety, enjoyment and fun are of the utmost importance to us and every aspect of Snow Factor has been designed with you in mind. Perhaps that is why over 500,000 (that’s 1:10 people in Scotland), just like you, have chosen to learn at Snow Factor.

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